Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Baby Hungry?

As we were driving to and from our Thanksgiving dinners the other day, Trevor turned to me and said: "Angie, I can't wait until we're not the newlyweds anymore." I knew exactly what he meant.

Thanksgiving brought almost the entire Young family together this year! It was so fun to see everyone again after the wedding- we had one other time during the summer for the annual Young camping trip but other than that it's hard to get everyone together at once. My mother in law loves a full table and I love hanging out with all of Trevor's cousins. I consider myself lucky to have such fun in-laws.

But having the whole family together also means that the newlyweds get questions like: "So, when are you guys going to have babies??" and "Oh Trevor you're so cute with the kids!" or "Angie you're going to make such a great mom!"

And it gets me thinking... I really am excited to have kids! And Trevor really is going to be the best daddy in the world. And to be honest, I think it's actually pretty fun when people tease us about having kids, because it is going to happen someday. SOMEDAY :)

But... I am 20 years old. I just applied for my masters program at the U. I haven't had even a year with my husband yet. And I haven't seen enough of the world yet!

So, am I baby hungry? Maybe sometimes. I think my Mom and Trevor's Mom are both a little more grand baby-hungry at this point :)

Instead, for now I think I'll do things like this:

 So that we can get ready for this:
 And hang out with them:
And keep missing them:
And get ready to cuddle her:

So no babies for us for awhile, but Trevor and I are happy becoming Auntie Angie and Uncle Trevor again for you sisters who are interested ;) We can't wait to meet baby Jaro!

(Oh, and even though we probably won't stop being the newlyweds on the Welch side for awhile, Jessica you are welcome to take our spot on the Young's!)

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